Allegany Museum to host Smithsonian ‘The Way We Worked’ next February

WPA road workWhether we work for professional satisfaction and personal growth or to ensure the well-being of ourselves and our families, work is a part of nearly every American’s life. Office workers, factory workers, homemakers, truckers and the millions more who keep the nation going through their work make great contributions not only to industry, but also to American culture.

The Way We Worked, adapted from an original exhibition developed by the National Archives, explores how work became such a central element in American culture by tracing the many changes that affected the workforce and work environments over the past 150 years.  The exhibition draws from the Archives’ rich collections to tell this compelling story.

Allegany  Museum will display the Smithsonian traveling exhibition, and also artifacts, photos, and stories from the history of labor unions in Allegany County, and FDR’s New Deal projects in the area.

There are very few tickets left for the Whiskey Rebellion Fest!

Yes, they’re almost sold out. If you want to sample spirits form eight distillers, including Knob Hill, dance to Grand Ole’ Ditch, enjoy luxury nibbles, play colonial pub games, meet George Washington, Light Horse Harry Lee, Jane Frazier and more historical VIPs, get your tickets TODAY!
The photos below show some of the rare local whiskey memorabilia on show during the Fest. (The items pictured are courtesy William Grove)
All this and more is happening in the Grand Ballroom of the Allegany Museum, 3 Pershing St Cumberland, from 6 to 11 PM Friday June 10.
You could also win the beautiful rug pictured below (valued at nearly $6,000), high end cigars, weekends away, and many more items for silent auction throughout the evening. The rug was generously donated by Azad’s Rug Gallery.
Tickets are available online at or at the Book Center, N. Center St Cumberland.
Chritmas rye Old Cumberland Whiskey rug being put in place

Art featuring historic Cumberland opens June 10 at Allegany Museum

New art exhibition at Allegany Museum:
“Vintage Cumberland – Vintage Artists”, presented by the Allegany Arts Council and the Allegany Museum. Allegany County High School Sansbury - Copy
The exhibition features paintings, drawings, architectural illustrations and lithographs depicting an array of Cumberland scenes completed before, during or in the early years of the twentieth century up to 1950.
The exhibit, on the first floor the Allegany Museum, will open at 6 pm on June 10, the same evening as the museum’s signature “Whiskey Rebellion”t event. It will remain on view through July 15, 2016.
Image: A circa 1908 rendering of Allegany County High School by local architect, George F. Sansbury. This work, as well as others by Sansbury, are featured in the “Vintage Cumberland – Vintage Artists” exhibition


Knob Creek bourbon ambassador to visit Whiskey Rebellion Commemoration Fest

During the Whiskey Rebellion Fest, Friday June 10, guests will have a chance to win sets of Knob Creek® bourbon. Tastings of Knob Creek® will also be available, and will be poured by Bourbon Ambassador, John Vickers-Smith. Vickers-Smith is travelling all the way from Kentucky to be at the Fest in Allegany Museum’s Grand Ballroom.

Knob Creek® was created several decades ago by Booker Noe who wanted to restore the standards of pre-prohibition bourbon, and this began the small batch bourbon movement. The result is a big, full flavor, with a maple sugar aroma and distinctive sweetness. In 2015, Knob Creek® was named “Best Bourbon” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Sets of Knob Creek® will be available by silent auction, with winners to be announced 10:30 PM. A rug worth almost $6,000 from Azad’s of Cumberland, a weekend at Rocky Gap, three packages of genuine Cuban cigars, gift certificates for the Embassy and Cumberland theaters, and much more will also be on auction.

Entertainment will include music by Grand Ole’ Ditch, Colonial pub games, and re-enactments by the Embassy Theatre Legacy Corps.

All tastings of whiskey and other spirits are included in the $50 ticket price, along with a souvenir shot glass. (Tickets will be $75 at the door)

Tickets to the Fest are available at the Book Center, Centre St Cumberland, through the Whiskey Rebellion Cumberland Facebook page, or online at

John Vicker-Smith

“Spicy, hearty, fruity, savory” – Sarah Carman speaks about menu for Whiskey Rebellion Fest


Sarah Carman, of Windsor Castle Catering, is combining with Jes Harding of the Baltimore Grill to prepare the delicacies for the guests at the Allegany Museum Whiskey Rebellion Fest.

While they work for separate businesses, Sarah and Jes have also been catering large events together for over 10 years.

They are pumped to be providing for the Fest. Sarah says

“I most excited about making the pulled pork sandwiches. They will be slow smoked with spices from Texas, topped with a crisp tangy slaw, smokey, house-made BBQ sauce on a potato roll. I think all the textures and flavors will complement the whiskey nicely!

In fact, all the items on our menu were hand selected to pair nicely with whiskey. Spicy, hearty, fruity, savory… whiskey is a hearty drink, we made our menu so that the foods will contrast and complement each other.”

Guests will be served from a sumptuous menu, including desserts, from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. Eight distillers will be offering tastings of their luxury spirts, and other drinks will be available at the bar.

Entertainment will include music by Grand Ole’ Ditch, Colonial pub games, re-enactments by the Embassy Theatre Legacy Corps, and much more!

All tastings of whiskey and other spirits are included in the $50 ticket price, along with a souvenir shot glass. (Tickets will be $75 at the door)

Tickets are available at the Book Center, Centre St Cumberland, through the Whiskey Rebellion Cumberland Facebook page, or online at
Sarah Carman

Historic Canal Place will feature antique car and truck show

Cadillacs, Chevys, Dodges, and more, from the 1920s on, will be on display at Canal Place, near the Allegany Museum Whiskey Rebellion Beer Tent on Saturday June 11. The vehicles are courtesy of the Queen City Region Antique Car Club.

Visitors to Canal Place will also be able to catch the performance of the US Army Historic Trumpet and Flute Corps, cool off with a legacy beer, and go in the draws for Old German memorabilia.

For more information, please visit the Cumberland Whiskey Rebellion Facebook page, or call the Allegany Museum on (301) 777-7200.


“1925 Dodge Brother Touring”

In the foreground is a 1925 Dodge Brother Touring owned by Jim and Debbie Jenkins, and behind it a 1931 Cadillac Roadster owned by Neil and Andy Furlow

“1952 Chevrolet”

In the foreground is a 1952 Chevrolet owned by Buddy and Thelma Zimbower, and behind that is an International Woody owned by Mac and Deb Wilson>

1925 Dodge Brothers Touring1952 Chevrolet

Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Whiskey coming to the Whiskey Rebellion Fest

Cumberlanders will be among the first to sample the billionaire founder and CEO of Under Armour Kevin Plank’s Sagamore Rye Whiskey. Plank is co-founder of Sagamore Spirit, a new rye whiskey distiller out of Baltimore. Sagamore Whiskey only became available on May 13.

Sagamore will showcase its new offerings at the Whiskey Rebellion Fest, Friday June 10, in the Allegany Museum ballroom, with seven other distillers of whiskey and other spirits.

Sagamore Rye Whiskey is relatively sweet, with notes of nutmeg and vanilla bean, and made with water the company drives in from its limestone spring at Sagamore Farm. Some has been aging in 53-gallon oak barrels since 2012.

The distillers, including Makers’ Mark, will set up in the Museum’s grand ballroom. The Whiskey Rebellion Fest will also provide exclusive gastropub delicacies, a cash bar (tickets include one free drink at the bar), historical reenactments by the Legacy Corps of the Embassy Theatre, music by Grand Ole’ Ditch, a silent auction of one-of-a-kind luxury items, a room set aside for Colonial pub games, and much more.

All tastings of whiskey and other spirits are included in the $50 ticket price, along with a souvenir shot glass. (Tickets will be $75 at the door)

Tickets are available at the Book Center, Centre St Cumberland, through the Whiskey Rebellion Cumberland Facebook page, or online at


<Photo: Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and Gov. Larry Hogan break ground on Sagamore Spirit in Port Covington (Photo courtesy  Baltimore Business Journal)>

George Washington at the Whiskey Rebellion Fest

Can the rebels and the troops call a truce and have a drink together?

 After George Washington met the troops gathered at Fort Cumberland to quash the Whiskey Rebellion, he became known as the only sitting President to lead troops into the field. But did he?  ‘Light-Horse Harry’ Lee may beg to differ.

It was in fact Lee who commanded the 12,950 militiamen as they engaged the rebels – while Washington merely reviewed the troops before they left.

We are about to find out if this historical cold-shoulder has cooled relations between Lee and Washington, when the Embassy Theatre ‘Legacy Corps’ brings them and other colonial characters to life in ‘Washington and Country’ at the Whiskey Rebellion Fest.

George will not only meet up once more with Harry, but also with ‘Molly Pitcher’, who may very well remind him of the time he gave her a field command when she lost her petticoats.  While she was loading the cannon at the Battle of Monmouth (another story in itself!), a British cannonball flew between her legs and tore off the bottom of her skirt. She merely commented “Well, that could have been worse,” and went back to firing.

John Frazier will be at the Fest – accompanied by his wife, Jane. Actually, Jane was both John’s first AND third wife!  John Frazier was a frontiersman, a fur trader, an interpreter with Native Americans, and a gunsmith who served under Washington in the French and Indian War.

One year after their marriage, while returning to her home from the Fort Cumberland trading post, Jane was captured by Indians. She escaped and returned 18 months later only to learn that her husband had remarried because he assumed that she was dead.

How will Jane interact with John? Will Jane still be holding a grievance because John found a new wife so quickly, or will she be sweet on him again because he sent that new wife back when Jane returned?

Sparks may fly between David Bradford, a renowned Whiskey Tax rebel, and Light Horse Harry. There was a price of $500 on Bradford’s head, but legend has it that, when the militias arrived, Bradford leaped from a rear window onto his waiting horse, galloping off into the night, and then traded his ‘faithful grey horse’ for a skiff and set out down the Ohio River.

The Embassy Theatre ‘Legacy Corps’ will entertain at the Whiskey Rebellion Fest, along with Grand Ole’ Ditch. While we cannot pay the $500 bounty on Bradford, the Museum will be holding a silent auction of valuable memorabilia, a weekend at Rocky Gap, Cuban cigars, and more throughout the evening.

Eight distillers, including six from Maryland and Makers’ Mark, will be offering tastings of their wares, rounded out by a cash bar (first drink free) and exquisite gastropub nibbles. The Museum’s Boardroom will become a colonial tavern offering traditional tavern games.

And, of course, your ticket will entitle you to a photo with George Washington himself!

Tickets to the Fest, 6 to 11 pm Friday June 10 in the Allegany Museum Ballroom, are available through Eventbrite, the Allegany Museum website, the Whiskey Rebellion Cumberland Facebook page, and at the Book Center, N. Centre St, Cumberland.

Tickets are $50 per person pre-purchase, or $75 on the night.

<Image: The Embassy Theatre Legacy Corps presents a historical presentation entitled “Washington and Country” for the Whiskey Rebellion Festival and Heritage Days. Seated on floor: Mike Miller. Seated L to R: Linda Julien, Terry Hager, Justice Courier, and Sue Schulten. Standing L to R: Cody Sheldon, Victor Rising, and Fred Julien.>

Embassy Theatre Legacy Corps