1905 Studebaker horse drawn wagon now in Crossroads of America exhibition space

Another unique exhibit has joined the Conestoga wagon on the first floor of Allegany Museum, 3 Pershing St Cumberland.

The Carl Belt crew and museum staff have carefully maneuvered a 1905 Studebaker Brothers driving wagon through the doors and into place on the National Road display.

It will play an important role in Crossroads of America, the permanent exhibition that will take up most of the newly restored first floor area.

The 1905 Studebaker was one of the last horse drawn vehicles manufactured by the manufacturer that was based in South Bend, Indiana.

Studebaker entered the automotive business in 1902 with electric vehicles and in 1904 with gasoline vehicles.

The Studebaker wagon has been meticulously restored, as you can see in the photo below.

You can sneak a peek in the elevator waiting area, and then go up to visit the permanent exhibitions on the second floor, which include displays dedicated to local manufacturing giants such as Kelly Springfield, the Oster Toy collection which includes 90 transportation-related toys dating to the early 20th century, and much more.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 4, and Sundays 1 to 4.

Exciting installation on the first floor of Allegany Museum

The first floor restoration at Allegany Museum, 3 Pershing St Cumberland is almost complete, and now an important exhibit – a genuine Conestoga wagon – has been installed.

The renovation at the Museum began a few months ago when Carl Belt Construction tore down acoustic tiles to uncover the vaulted ceiling and beautiful molding, took out the partitions, and ripped up the carpet that was hiding the marble floors. The gorgeous 1930s Post Office interior was revealed!

The current phase is the mounting of Crossroads of America, the permanent exhibition that traces this history of the National Road that will take up most of the first floor area.

The Conestoga is just one of the vehicles that will be displayed.

It took a very large flatbed to transport, and then a crane to lift it. There were some anxious moments when the Conestoga was eased through the Museum’s front door – but it made it, and now stands proudly in place, awaiting the other vehicles and static and dynamic displays.

The exhibition tells the story of the National Road, from ancient times when Native American tribes walked the trail, through Washington’s adventures, and to modern vehicular traffic.

The Crossroads of America will provide a permanent record of this important part of America’s history, for both local residents and tourists to enjoy.

<Images: The Conestoga is lifted from the flatbed; The Conestoga is guided carefully through the Museum’s front doors>

Yoga in the Ballroom!

Courtney McKay

Stretch out the stress and relax, ready for anything the afternoon may throw at you.

Courtney McKay will lead lunchtime yoga sessions in the grand ballroom second floor, Allegany Museum, 3 Pershing St Cumberland, starting in August.

The sessions are times to give you time to get to the Museum and change without a rush.

All classes will be very gentle – no one wants to go back to work sweaty and gross!

Everyone who comes should bring their own mat and/or towel and some water. (We want everyone to stay nice and hydrated).

Sessions will run from 12:15 to 12.45 every Tuesday, from August first.

This is a FREE event, but donations to the Museum will be gladly accepted.

Do you remember dancing?

Allegany Museum will be the new host of ‘Dancing with the Local Stars’ in 2018. We hope it will be a successful fundraiser for the Museum – enough to keep the lights on for one year, perhaps?
As well as the actual event, we would like to have a partner exhibition that focuses on the history of dancing in our local area- schools, ballrooms, teachers, ballerinas, etc, etc. 
We would like you to contribute your memories, and loan your photos, artifacts (tap shoes anyone?) and so on for an exhibition.
Please contact manager@alleganymuseum.org

(Photo from Whilbr – Western Maryland’s Historical Library)

Carver High School dance band 1954

Mountain Ridge receives high tech equipment through Allegany Museum collaboration

Mountain Ridge High School has received approximately $1700 worth of some state-of-the-art tech equipment through their collaboration with the Western Maryland Heritage Association.

During February- March 2017, the Western Maryland Heritage Association partnered with a Smithsonian Travelling exhibition, Maryland Humanities, and the Allegany library system, to present the exhibition The Way We Worked. Six Allegany County museums and historic sites traced the history of work in Allegany County through exhibits that focused on local work and working life at each location.

Allegany Museum secured a grant for the purchase of audio-visual equipment to support to student participation in creating the exhibition. The Museum’s series of dioramas illustrating changes in workers’ lives as they took place in Cumberland from 1877 on were enhanced by the audio-visual records produced by Mountain Ridge High School students.

Matt Ravenscroft, teacher of Historical Research Methods, commented that “the equipment will have an unbelievable impact on our productions for many years to come. It will greatly impact the look and sound, and make it much more professional.”

The accompanying photo shows (left to right) Mr. Ravenscroft with Mr. Gene Morgan, Principal Mountain Ridge, student researchers Morgan Edwards and Callie Heft, Mr. Vic Rezendes, Allegany Museum Vice President and Mr. Gary Bartik, Museum President, with the delivery of the tech equipment to Mountain Ridge.

More information is available by calling 301-777-7200, emailing manager@ alleganymuseum.org, on our website at Alleganymuseum.org, or our Facebook page.

The Whiskey Rebellion Festival will not overlook sweet-tooths!

At the 2017 Allegany Museum Whiskey Rebellion Fest, Friday June 9, 6 to 11 pm at the Allegany Museum, brought to you by the Community Trust Foundation, visitors can sample whiskey, moonshine, rum, and gin from 12 small batch distillers and the producers of Maker’s Mark, and purchase bottles of their favorites to take home.

Two additions to this year’s Fest will also cater to those who like a little sugar in their lives!

Guests will enjoy brown sugar and bourbon ice-cream brought to the Fest by the Queen City Creamery, as well as the canapes provided by Good Carma Catering.

Basecamp Coffee Co. has created special coffee ‘cocktails’ that they will make to order at the Fest. They will also be offering regular coffee made from beans roasted at their micro roastery.

Basecamp Coffee Co. coffee and coffee ‘cocktails’ will also feature at the Allegany Museum Whiskey Rebellion Celebration, noon to 6 pm Saturday June 10, at Canal Place.

Hayden Ort-Ulm with his coffee roaster

For more information, contact pr@alleganymuseum.org, go to www.whiskeyrebellioncumberland.com or call the Museum on (301) 777-7200.

Allegany Museum recognized for education of local teachers

The Allegany Museum received formal recognition of the work of the Education Committee in presenting educational sessions for participants in the County Chamber of Commerce and Allegany County Public Schools 2017 ACES Program. ‘ACES’ is the Americans for the Competitive Enterprise System Business and Education Partnership Program.

Clara Procello of the Education Committee, and Daryl Smith, Development Director for Allegany Museum received a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Museum at the Graduation Celebration ceremony on May 15, 2017 at the Cumberland Country Club.

From left to right: Dr David Cox, Superintendent, Allegany County Board of Education, Clara Procello, Education Committee, Allegany Museum, Daryl Smith, Development Director Allegany Museum, and Debra Langan, Chairperson, Board of Directors, Allegany County Chamber of Commerce


Fort Cumberland Kids’ Activities planned for Whiskey Rebellion Celebration June 10

For the very first time, the Allegany Museum Whiskey Rebellion Festival, brought to you in 2017 by the Community Trust Foundation, will be offering children’s activities at the Whiskey Rebellion Celebration, Canal Place 12 noon to 6 pm, Saturday June 10. The Celebration is the family event that will follow the adults-only Whiskey Rebellion Fest at Allegany Museum, 6 to 11 Friday June 9.

The kids’ activities, provided by the Allegany Museum Education Committee, will focus on the history of Fort Cumberland, and George Washington’s times at the Fort.

The First Virginia Regiment, who will be performing during the afternoon, will station themselves near the children’s area. They will provide some wooden guns for children to ‘drill’ with, and talk about the history of their regiment with the kids.

Children will be given a ‘Footprints of Washington in Cumberland’ map which they can use to trace Washington’s movements with their families or on tours that will originate from the children’s tent at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. Suzanne Trussell, local archaeologist and museum specialist, will lead the walking history tours that will leave from the children’s area.  Children will receive a Tour Passport to Fun which they can turn in when completed to receive a special reward.

A scale model of Fort Cumberland will be displayed near the children’s tent. In the tent, kids will be able to build forts from Lincoln Logs, and color historical pictures and complete word puzzles and searches in a specially printed souvenir booklet. They will also be given a Fort Cumberland cardboard Model Bastion to build.  When completed, the model will look like one of the bastions of Fort Cumberland, and have cannons, soldiers, and George Washington on horseback, all in color.

Just next to the children’s tent, interactive re-enactor Melissa Clark will teach children about how our pioneer ancestors did candle dipping by guiding them to make their own candle to take home.

All of these activities are free. While the children are enjoying themselves, their parents will be able to enjoy the entertainment on stage, beginning at noon with historic sketches from the Embassy Theatre, and closing at 5 with the Cumberland Theater’s excerpts from the Broadway hit, Hamilton.

Food, drink, and other amusements, such as a green screen so you can be photographed ‘in’ historical scenes, will fill the Canal Place grounds with fun.

For more information, contact manager@alleganymuseum.org, call 301-777-7200, or visit the Whiskey Rebellion Cumberland website at www.whiskeyrebellioncumberland.com

Reagan McKay points out some of the many details in the Ft Cumberland model that will be on display at the Whiskey Rebellion Celebration

Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Ravenscroft, Teacher of the Year

Allegany Museum would like to congratulate, Dr Matthew Ravenscroft, teacher at Mountain Ridge School, who was selected as the 2017-2018 Allegany County Teacher of the Year.

We would also like to express our gratitude for his assistance with our recent The Way We Worked exhibition.  Matthew was the advisor to the students who put together the interviews with local people about their memories of working life in Allegany County. The interviews were a popular part of the exhibition, and a valuable way to preserve our history.

The Maryland State Teachers of the Year recently visited the Museum as part of their tour of the historical locations in the area. The tour was led by the Executive Director of Partnerships for the State Department of Education, Darla F. Strouse, Ed. D.

They were greeted by Vic Rezendes, Museum Vice President and Clara Procello of the Museum Education Committee. Lee Fiedler, retired President of Kelly-Springfield Tires, talked with them about the Kelly-Springfield collection.

Maryland’s teachers of the Year for 2017 visit Allegany Museum

Allegany Museum will present a one-of-a-kind journey into our Cumberland origins

Allegany Museum will present ‘Cumberland: Secrets of our history’, a series of presentations by local historians and an archeologist, during the Whiskey Rebellion Celebration and Heritage Days on Saturday June 10 2017. Entrance is free, and all presentations will be held on the Museum second floor, 3 Pershing St Cumberland.

At 11 am, local archeologist Suzanne L. Smith Trussel unearths Cumberland’s history from colonial times on. She will tell the story of the Mexico Farms Archaeology Project which centers on an early 19th century farmstead approximately four miles south of Cumberland.  Colonial-era artifacts were uncovered at the deepest levels.  Tracing the development of Mexico Farms highlights the shifts in land ownership, farming, ethnicities, and commercial access of Allegany County residents from the earliest days of European settlement to the 20th century.

Lynn Bowman, author of three books about local African American history, will present the previously ignored history of the life of African Americans in the taverns around early Cumberland at 12 noon. Lynn is an associate professor at Allegany College of Maryland. Presently, she is assisting the Gates Family with programming development for the Jane Gates Heritage House, which is expected to open in late 2019.

At 1 pm, Cumberland is electrified! Andrew Sparber is a community based museum curator who assists in building exhibits at the Allegany Museum, and helps many locals to preserve their old family films.  He has a keen interest in researching and writing about the introduction of technology into Allegany County, and will present the surprising history of how Allegany County became electrified.

Albert Feldstein presents the history of Cumberland through antique postcards at 2 pm.  Al has published over 40 books, websites, videotapes, DVDs and posters pertaining to regional and national history. Two of his posters were accepted for exhibit and sale at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and the National Civil Rights Museum. He will share his extensive and unique collection of historic postcards which tell the intriguing tale of the City of Cumberland.

For more information, contact pr@alleganymuseum.org.

Lynn Bowman with Allegany College students

Mexico Farms farmhouse site