allegany-museum-marylandThe Allegany Museum serves the greater Allegany Region, which includes Allegany and Garret Counties in Maryland, Mineral County in West Virginia, and Bedford and Somerset Counties in Pennsylvania. Our region is geographically isolated by a range of ridges and valleys from the rest of Maryland. The local geography links Allegany to the greater Appalachia region and creates a unique sense of identity and economic integration.

The mission of the Allegany Museum is to collect the material culture of the people, past and present, of the Allegany region. Our institution maintains and preserves these items for the benefit of present and future generations. We look for objects, ordinary and extraordinary, whose stories and meanings are rich and complex, have inherent worth, both reflect and challenge the conventional wisdom, and invite us to look deeper or broader. These objects and their documented contexts illuminate and interpret the larger themes of our history. Our collections form the foundation for research, scholarship, exhibition, public programs, and outreach.

The Allegany Museum is an outgrowth of the Western Maryland Station Center, Inc., a community group formed in 1983 to preserve, restore and renovate the Western Maryland Railroad Station. In 1999 the Museum acquired the old Post Office and Federal Court House Building at 3 Pershing Street in Cumberland.Restoration work has completely renovated the grand wood-paneled courtroom, now used as an event center, and created eight modern exhibition areas. The museum is currently restoring and renovating the stunning first-floor hall of the Post Office to serve as an exhibition space dedicated to highlighting Cumberland as a crossroads of American History. When completed, the space will house a fully-restored Conestoga wagon and other objects.

The Allegany Museum is part of the Heritage Association including the C&O Canal National Park and the Western Maryland Railroad Station and the Gilchrest Museum, Gordon-Roberts House and Emanuel Episcopal church, all located on Historic Washington Street.

We invite you to learn about our collections, exhibitions, and educational programs, and encourage you to get in touch and become part of our growing community.