Mountain Ridge students display the history of fake news at Allegany Museum

Allegany Museum will host an exhibition of ‘Fake News’ by Mountain Ridge High School students from Thursday, April 5, 2018, through Friday April 20.

The students researched fake news in science, pop culture, and political history, and produced exhibits that illustrate their findings. The students have incorporated QR Codes on their exhibits. When visitors use the code they will be linked to a video created by the students to provide behind the scenes information.

Exhibits will include a modern “fake news test” developed by students from a compilation of various sources, and examples of fake news through history. The exhibition will be open during the Museum’s usual opening hours, Tuesdays-Saturdays 10 to 4, and Sundays 1 to 4.

Dr. Matthew Ravenscroft, teacher and advisor at Mountain Ridge, is leading the project for students from U.S. History classes and Historical Research Methods classes.

Prior to the opening day, the students will present their completed exhibits to Social Studies Supervisors from throughout Maryland at an MSDE Briefing hosted by Allegany County Public Schools at the Allegany Museum.  Mr. Russell Shorto, a nationally-known local author, historian, and writer, will deliver opening remarks at that event.

After the exhibit closes, information and links to the student exhibits will be available on the Museum website.

For more information, please call the Museum on 301-777-7200.

Queen City Hotel chandeliers donated by Mark E. Carder

These chandeliers once hung in the Queen City Hotel. They are approximately 3 foot in diameter, and 4 ft. high. As you can see from the photo (below) they are in need of some TLC and new glasses before we can put them on display.
They were kindly donated to the Allegany Museum by Mark E. Carder, a long-time supporter of the Museum..
We don’t have any photos of the interior of the Queen City Hotel. We would love to see one in which the chandeliers are visible.
Do you have such a photo that you would share with us?
Please email if you do!