Allegany Museum given postal booth to round out first floor renovation

Michael and Kimber Liller recently donated a vintage postal booth to Allegany Museum. The Lillers have been avid collectors of antiques and memorabilia which until recently they displayed in their home. When they downsized, they offered their vintage postal booth for sale among other items.

Museum Board Secretary, Jerry Robinette, noticed the booth among the sale items, and told the Lillers about the Allegany Museum’s renovation of the first floor of the Museum at 3 Pershing St. The 1933 building housed a post office on the first floor, and the second floor housed a federal courthouse. The postal booth dated from the days of the Pershing Street post office.

The Lillers decided to forgo the money they could have made from selling the postal booth, and instead donated it to the Museum.

Mrs. Liller says that she is glad that it will now be part of the Allegany Museum, “where it can be appreciated, protected, and generations can enjoy it”.

The booth is now installed on the first floor, and when the Crossroads of America exhibition is installed in early 2018, it will be used by volunteers to welcome and assist visitors, and to collect donations.

Donations to the museum are always welcome, particularly funds to support our day-to-day expenses.

Please call (301) 777-7200 or visit

 Kimber & Michael Liller in front of the vintage postal booth in Allegany Museum






The postal booth is loaded for transport to the Museum

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