Exciting installation on the first floor of Allegany Museum

The first floor restoration at Allegany Museum, 3 Pershing St Cumberland is almost complete, and now an important exhibit – a genuine Conestoga wagon – has been installed.

The renovation at the Museum began a few months ago when Carl Belt Construction tore down acoustic tiles to uncover the vaulted ceiling and beautiful molding, took out the partitions, and ripped up the carpet that was hiding the marble floors. The gorgeous 1930s Post Office interior was revealed!

The current phase is the mounting of Crossroads of America, the permanent exhibition that traces this history of the National Road that will take up most of the first floor area.

The Conestoga is just one of the vehicles that will be displayed.

It took a very large flatbed to transport, and then a crane to lift it. There were some anxious moments when the Conestoga was eased through the Museum’s front door – but it made it, and now stands proudly in place, awaiting the other vehicles and static and dynamic displays.

The exhibition tells the story of the National Road, from ancient times when Native American tribes walked the trail, through Washington’s adventures, and to modern vehicular traffic.

The Crossroads of America will provide a permanent record of this important part of America’s history, for both local residents and tourists to enjoy.

<Images: The Conestoga is lifted from the flatbed; The Conestoga is guided carefully through the Museum’s front doors>

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