Allegany Museum will present a one-of-a-kind journey into our Cumberland origins

Allegany Museum will present ‘Cumberland: Secrets of our history’, a series of presentations by local historians and an archeologist, during the Whiskey Rebellion Celebration and Heritage Days on Saturday June 10 2017. Entrance is free, and all presentations will be held on the Museum second floor, 3 Pershing St Cumberland.

At 11 am, local archeologist Suzanne L. Smith Trussel unearths Cumberland’s history from colonial times on. She will tell the story of the Mexico Farms Archaeology Project which centers on an early 19th century farmstead approximately four miles south of Cumberland.  Colonial-era artifacts were uncovered at the deepest levels.  Tracing the development of Mexico Farms highlights the shifts in land ownership, farming, ethnicities, and commercial access of Allegany County residents from the earliest days of European settlement to the 20th century.

Lynn Bowman, author of three books about local African American history, will present the previously ignored history of the life of African Americans in the taverns around early Cumberland at 12 noon. Lynn is an associate professor at Allegany College of Maryland. Presently, she is assisting the Gates Family with programming development for the Jane Gates Heritage House, which is expected to open in late 2019.

At 1 pm, Cumberland is electrified! Andrew Sparber is a community based museum curator who assists in building exhibits at the Allegany Museum, and helps many locals to preserve their old family films.  He has a keen interest in researching and writing about the introduction of technology into Allegany County, and will present the surprising history of how Allegany County became electrified.

Albert Feldstein presents the history of Cumberland through antique postcards at 2 pm.  Al has published over 40 books, websites, videotapes, DVDs and posters pertaining to regional and national history. Two of his posters were accepted for exhibit and sale at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and the National Civil Rights Museum. He will share his extensive and unique collection of historic postcards which tell the intriguing tale of the City of Cumberland.

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Lynn Bowman with Allegany College students

Mexico Farms farmhouse site

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