Exhibition of illuminated works by Mary Barkman Gallion and Dorothy Simmons

Pages from exquisitely written and illustrated texts will be on display at the Allegany Museum from May 9 to June 4.
Dorothy Simmons, who was a well-known calligrapher in Allegany County, illustrated The Gardened Hills, a set of poetic sketches by Mary Barkman Gallion.
In the style of mediaeval religious manuscripts, Dorothy illuminated the poems with decorated letters in Old English and German calligraphy, and placed small illustrations among the text. (Dorothy unfortunately passed on a few years ago.)
Mary Barkman Gallion grew up in the Bernardsville Hills in New Jersey. She composed the poems about the lush gardens in the area as it was from the 1940s to the 1960s. Mary also curated this exhibition.
For more information, please call the Museum on 301-777-7200 or visit www.alleganymuseum.org
Pictured are Dorothy Simmons, and a text example

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