See the history of your work life at Allegany Museum

Have you had a job?
A job (or two) in Allegany County?
Then you will be fascinated by Allegany Museum’s exploration of our working lives from 1877 to 2017, which is on display alongside the Smithsonian travelling exhibition The Way We Worked.
Experience the development of safe workplaces, compensation for work related death and injury, how workers gained reasonable hours of work, and the rights to freedom of association, and collective bargaining through three dioramas:
B&O and the Great Strike of 1877
Labor Day marches and the development of local labor unions
The Celanese Corp and the struggle for union representation
The Smithsonian traces the same time period, including all aspects of work across America.
Open Tuesday- Saturday 10 to 4, and Sundays 1-4.
All free!

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