WMHS to have naming rights over a portion of the Allegany Museum

October 23 2015

Mr. Barry Ronan, CEO of the Western Maryland Health System, recently presented the Allegany Museum Endowment fund with a check for $25,000.00 to support the growth of the Museum.

WHMS will in return have naming rights to a portion of the Museum’s 2nd floor hallway. Allegany Museum will be expanding into the 1st floor of the building at 3 Pershing St next spring. As a result, exhibitions will be expanded, and through the WMHS contribution, a tribute exhibition of health related artifacts from the Sacred Heart and Memorial Hospitals, as well as other facilities, will be mounted.

Contributors to the Endowment Fund will be rewarded with naming rights to portions of the Museum and its exhibits, including the honor of naming the Museum itself. The development of the Museum is part of the push towards becoming an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. Being named as part of the Smithsonian will boost the economic development of Cumberland through attracting more visits by out-of-towners.

For more information, please call (301) 777-7200, or email info@alleganymuseum.org

WMHS Check Presentation

From left to right: Dan McMullan, Museum Advisory Board, Julie Ferris, Chair of the Endowment Fund, Barry Ronan, President & CEO WMHS, Cas Taylor, Museum Advisory Board