Oster toy collection exhibition

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The Allegany Museum recently hosted a special exhibition a new collection of toys dating the early 20th century, especially the 1915 to 1930 period.

Dr. Walter Oster and his wife, Florence, who for over fifty years had collected more than 90 toys, donated the collection to the museum in the fall 2012. The collection is a gem in that all the toys were made in the United States of metal and many are mechanical “wind-up” toys that are still in fine working condition.

The board of the Allegany Museum enthusiastically voted to accession the toys because they are an excellent expression of the museum interest in transportation history. Items in the collection include a motorcyclist, a plane, World War I-era boats, a Conestoga wagon, a 1920 Ford car, a carriage, a train, and many other unique vehicles.

The Allegany Museum is currently researching details of the toys and creating a permanent exhibition space for them.

Read an article in the Cumberland Times-News about the donation.